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Escape with your family & enjoy a day of fabulous at Dana Beach Resort in Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar, packed with fun and laughter for all the family. It is a day that creates moments and shapes sweet memories.

  • Entry to Dana Beach Resort and access to the longest private beach in the Arabian Peninsula
  • One gourmet meal for every ticket holder.
  • Access to amenities, including swimming pools, the ladies-only pools, ladies private beach, Petting Zoo & public beaches.
  • Entertainment programs held at our open-air stage including fun competitions, crazy clowns, and a variety of family amusement.

Terms & Conditions                                                                                      


  1. This ticket entitles you entry to Dana Beach Resort which includes 1 gourmet meal (breakfast or lunch or dinner)
  2. This ticket provides access to men’s swimming pools
  3. This ticket provides access to ladies club (ladies pools & private beach) from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM
  4. The resort provides excellent restaurant and cafes, and for your safety, is not allowed to enter Food and Baverage to the resort facilities.
  5. This ticket is valid for Either 1 Child or 1 Adult only, as mentioned in the purchased ticket
  6. This ticket is valid for the booked date only
  7. Entry to children below 5 years is free of charge
  8. This ticket is non-transferable
  9. This ticket is non-refundable                                           
  10. Please follow the rules and regulations of Dana Beach Resort
  11. Please adhere to the covid 19 precautionary measures
  12. For more information please contact us on whatsapp no 0500516177
  13. The Resort is not responsible to refund any ticket, based on wrong information or not complying with terms & conditions.
  14. The Resort has the right to cancel the ticket before arrival due to any unforeseen reason, and will only refund the ticket value

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